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ABOUT cilla

Behind the Lens

I am a mirror to the love you show up with every single day. I believe in love, truth, and that there is nothing more beautiful than the imperfect love of family.

This is the me that already loves you

Hi, friend!

That’s me…Cilla. I should probably warn you, I stumble over my words a lot but in a soft Southern rambling kind of way. I’ve also heard this called “verbal meandering” and I thought that was about the prettiest way to say it.

This crazy journey started during a time when I was fighting so hard to build a family of my own. When I wanted nothing more than to be a momma. Now I am a momma that feels all the things deeply and wants to hold onto this beautiful…wild…life I fought so hard for…and I have a feeling you want the same. Gratefully growing up with a less than “normal” childhood and earning a degree in Child and Family Studies, I always say I fell in love with families first and photography second. I believe deeply that my job is to be a mirror to the beauty in what-is...to how absolutely wonderfully loved you are and how you pour that great big love right into your favorite people every single day. 

I am a loved, incredibly imperfect, storyteller of life, love, and joy. Photographer to some of the most genuine and beauty-filled people in KY.

my favorite things:



My garden, snuggled next to my family, the rolling hills of KY, Honeymoon Island FL, open-air markets of Provence France, a tiny restaurant at sunset overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany Italy


guilty pleasure

Drinking way too much pepsi, listening to books on Audible, looking at houses and gardens on Pinterest, and hoarding seed catalogs



Running my son to all his middle school sports, being a kick-ass football coach’s wife, and gardening



Fresh green beans, corn, fried potatoes, summer garden tomatoes, and cucumbers…or give me all the pasta and bruschetta



my hubby, Bret, and 12-year-old son, Steffen…not to mention the one who isn’t technically a human but is definitely my second child…our mini goldendoodle…Ricky


part of my job

Oh how I love photographing all sorts of families open to laughing with and loving on their people. The session is truly my favorite part.

about you

Our families long for more photos of them with their babies, for someone to really see and document the love they are busy pouring into their people.

Our families love their people big and while they love getting one picture of everyone looking at the camera, they want something different from the typical photography experience. Something deeper. Something truer. Something where they don’t have to worry or stress about everyone sitting still or having the perfect outfits.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with me.


Need a little more love and joy in your life?


Join some of the Priscilla B family and follow along for more of my latest work, life, love, and what inspires me daily...and makes me giggle.

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