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Capturing connection in the chaos

As a family photographer since 2008 and a momma since 2011, one thing I know is how to capture that magical chaos, as well as those precious calm moments. It all passes so quickly. Do you crave to capture that for yourself in your family or as a photographer for other families? Are you a working photographer and need someone to run some things by? To brain storm? Are you interested in starting your own photography business and have no idea where to start? Are you agonizing over branding decisions or pricing or just what move to make next? I am so happy to help! 

guides & courses for families

1:1 mentoring for photographers


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My Mommy's favorite saying was "This too shall pass." I've come to realize that goes for the hard stuff AND the good stuff...and that there's beauty in all of it. We've got this. You are not alone.
Let's capture it all.

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courses & guides for families

capturing connection in the chaos of family

It's all passing so quickly and you just want to capture it all, while still being a part of it. Your photographer can't be with you every day. Maybe you don't know what to do with all the photos you do have. Don't worry.
Together, we've got this!


online & in-person mentoring

1:1 mentoring for photographers

Photography, portfolio review, "posing", defining your style & brand, pricing, workflows & systems, connecting to your clients, brainstorming, & more. 30 minute to half-day mentoring.

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