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Macy Grace | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photographer}

September 10, 2009

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Where to even begin. Well, first for any of you who don’t know my story, you can go here to get caught up 🙂 I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. Now, we have a new addition! I have a new baby sister, Macy Grace. She was born on July 13th (I know…I’m a bad sister for just now posting :)) at 9:11 a.m.
I arrived at the hospital about 8:30. I was running late, as usual (not sure when that started happening) and scared to death I was going to miss it. There was some talk of me being in the delivery room, but since Macy would be delivered by c-section, we didn’t think they would let me. So, I’m going on the assumption I’m not going in. I had my tiny red camera all prepared for Mikie to take a few pictures. We went over the tutorial of how to use it.  Of course, I had my big bag of cameras and lenses just in case 🙂 Everyone was excited…mostly Myca. She has been excited, and partially dreading, this for a while now. Before Erica found out she was pregnant she kept asking for a baby sister. She has said so many cute things along the pregnancy. It makes me tear up thinking about one of the stories Erica told me where she had to ease Myca’s worries with “Are Sissy and Sis good big sisters? Well you just do what they do.” Aaawww! Myca had been giving Mikie strict instructions that she was to be the first one to hold Macy!

At 9:00 the nurse came in and said “who’s the one that was going to take pictures?” They pointed at me and said “but they’re not going to let her go back.” The nurse said, “You’re going in. I’ll be back with your gear.” Okay…so I’m not sure “gear” is what they called it, but it’s the crazy space man uniform they give you before you can go in! You’ll see a picture shortly 🙂 My stomach dropped. I immediately started going through my bags trying to decide on the perfect lens, going over all this technical stuff in my head about how to make these pictures turn out just perfect. I have to tell this story. I have to make this turn out perfect. The pressure was on. I went back and forth between two lenses until I finally settled on one. Of course, I SQUEEZED the other one into my jean pocket just in case. I mean squeezed, along with batteries and memory cards. I have no clue how I thought I was ever going to get it out. Then they rolled Erica out of the room to the operating room. Tears started rolling of excitement, and possibly a little fear that always comes along with a surgery. Then came the wait. Mikie and I kept wondering if they had forgotten all about us. I just said “Erica would never let that happen.” I know Erica and through the drugs she would still be thinking of Mikie being with her and the pictures (I am lucky enough to have family who are as obsessed with pictures as I am). The longer we waited, the more nervous I got. Then FINALLY the nurse came. She said “you’ve seen stuff like this before, right?” Ummm…you kidding me? NO! I nervously squeeze out “well…no…” She gives me the look of “oh no…we have a fainter”. She said “well have you eaten?” So, then I tried to remember if I had. Well, yeah…of course…oh wait…I had powdered donuts and a Pepsi…does that count? lol.

We get to the room where Erica is. It was just so surreal. The nurses immediately start giving us instructions and telling us what’s going on. I was told to stay in one little spot, and I have to admit, I was thrilled to stay there. I was told I couldn’t take pictures of the actual surgery. No complaints here! I just can’t believe how fast everything went. Here they are jerking Erica around and I can see her body moving, then I’m looking at her face and talking to her, asking if she’s in any pain. Next thing we know they’re showing us Macy for the very first time. Saying it was amazing is simply an understatement. Seeing all the emotions, the relationships, being there to witness a true miracle…words really cannot express it. For Macy to even be a possibility is a miracle, for Erica to be able to carry her through out is another miracle, and to see her here in front of us….is breath taking. So…since this is something I could never express through words, I will share with you the story of Macy’s birthday through pictures 🙂 This slideshow has pictures from before her birthday, her big day, and a few of her newborn pictures 🙂


 And here are some of my favorites!





Love at first sight…



A mother’s first touch…


The first day a little sister becomes a big sister…



The first time a Mother holds her baby…


A Father watching his little miracle when he thinks no one is around…


A newly big sister singing to her little sister…



My absolute favorite newborn picture ever….





  1. Amber says:

    Oh, how beautiful! Those images will be treasures for ever. What a wonderful story thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Kasey says:

    OMG! These priceless images you captured almost made me cry. You truly captured the emotion, in photos, that is so difficult and impossible to describe in words. WOW, simply amazing!

  3. great work says:

    I love the pictures. Makes you feel as if you were there that day even when you weren’t. You did a really good job, and those pics will be admired forever!

  4. Michele says:

    oh. my. gosh. I don’t even have any words. what a story! what emotion! what powerful images. WELL DONE! Absolutely amazing!!!

  5. Michele says:

    Came back to add that the paparazzi pic in the hospital nursery is PRICELESS!!!! Well seen!

  6. Tammy Marcum says:

    BEAUTIFUL & yes I cried :)..My favorite one is the one of Myca looking at the baby through the nursery window. Priscilla, you are an amazing photographer.

  7. Jill says:

    I don’t know you at all but looking at those pictures I got a little teary! 🙂 You’ve done photos for several people I know (I am from lincoln co.) so I’ve seen your name around and I love your website. You are very talented!

  8. Shari DeVoogd says:

    Just breathtakingly beautiful!!!!! 🙂

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