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Randomness | Priscilla Baierlein Photography

July 5, 2010

Hi, I'm cilla!
I am a loved, incredibly imperfect, storyteller of life, love, and joy. Photographer to some of the most genuine and beauty-filled people in KY.
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* I am old. It’s official. I am. You know how I know? I was jump-up-and-down-excited about this….

But it’s awesome. I just imagine beautiful, colorful, yummy meals starting on the stove top to get good and brown and then moving to the oven to complete. Onions, garlic, chicken, red pepper…oh my! As an added bonus, I can totally use it as a weapon in case of zombie attacks. Just sayin. Or Bret getting mouthy…it’s good for that too 😉 Jk…I would never promote violence 🙂

* Another reason I know I’m old? Well, you would think my lack of blogging to wish you a happy 4th of July would have something to do with us having lots of fun festivities to attend. Nope…it’s because I was so exhausted the first half of the day from the wedding the night before, then cleaned rest of the day. Oh…wait…we did go to Bob Evans. Lots of fun times to be had there.

* Thank you for all the kind comments and support for my list. It was so exciting to hear about everyone who had been inspired to make their own list! I can officially mark off #136. Shortly after the blog entry, I had 7 people message me or comment on facebook saying they were starting a list!!! I also had offers to help with my sushi lunch 🙂 The one that probably meant the most to me was a client saying I could mark off #31, which was to make a difference with my photography. You may remember this beautiful family. I was blessed to meet them through Inspiration Through Art (formerly Littlest Heroes Project). Thanks to Colleen, I am so excited that I will get to work with another family through the same project this year. After I thought about it, I don’t think I would ever give myself permission to mark that item off the list. To know that it made a difference to their family absolutely melts my heart and makes me happy. I feel so honored and proud to mark that one off the list now. As much as the list is about me, it’s the list items that are about others that make me the happiest.

* Speaking of the list…I am so proud of Andrea, the one who inspired me to start my list, my best friend. She completed one of her biggest list items, the one that inspired her to start her list and to make a life change. She completed a 5K without walking! Considering I thought I would pass out after running two 60 second intervals, this is amazing to me. How fast she went from not running at all, to this is just wonderful. She was so excited and we were excited for her. This wasn’t even the 5K she was shooting for. It was more of a practice 5K, but she did it. I see many more of these in her future. She took something that she didn’t think she could do, she pushed herself and stuck to it, fought through the misery, and is now officially a runner. Andrea and I have been so much alike. We try something, if we don’t like it, we don’t do it again. Even if it’s something we just tried once, like my running experiment or the time I thought I would run cross country in high school (thanks Vern for that!) or play basketball in 8th grade. So, this is why I’m so proud of Andrea. She didn’t make excuses. She just did it because she wanted to prove to herself she could.

* Eclipse! Oh my! Okay…so I fought it for as long as I could. I would not read the Twilight books or watch the movies. Those Twilight fans were just too crazy. Then, out of boredom, one day I decided to rent Twilight. I was completely surprised by how much I liked it, but still not enought to be crazy like those “Twihards”. Then Andrea did it. She read the books. Then our friend Tina did it. She BOUGHT me Twilight and New Moon. I read. I was hooked. Then I had my surgery and Andrea let me borrow Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. After the surgery I was so down. I got completely lost in the character’s love triangle and all the drama that went along with it. I couldn’t believe that I was giggling out loud at the funny things Jacob said, or sitting on the edge of my seat during the battles. I could go on, but I’m sure many of you are thinking “Really? Come on..” But they gave me a place to escape to. I couldn’t put the books down and would read them in one day. Andrea and I went to see the midnight showing of New Moon (actually I guess that’s when I got hooked, and then it went deeper when I read the books), so we had to do it again for Eclipse. This time our friend Donna joined us. We felt like the biggest dorks, but loved every minute of it. Yes…I am 30 years old and in love with Twilight. I will have to say that I felt a little better when the woman beside me in the theater was much older than me and was getting a bigger kick out of Jacob having his shirt off than I was. 🙂 Or maybe I was just scared that would be me one day.

* I found peanuts in my purse. Yep…you read that right. Peanuts. I don’t mean nicely contained in a bag either. How did they get there? Nope…no chipmunks or squirrels saving up for winter. More like our best friend John wanting to see how long it would take me to realize it. So…three days later (yes three days…at least!), I’m searching for something in my purse and Bret hears “Bbbrrreeetttt….why do I have peanuts in my purse?” I have to admit, we got a very good laugh out of it. Maybe I’ll think twice before making John sit my purse on his side of the booth. It reminds me of the many items I’ve had to hide from him. Tennis ball, lemons, coasters. Why? Because he likes to throw them at me…or put them in our bed or in my chair or some other random place when I’m not looking. Yes…he is truly like my brother. We pick at each other constantly. It’s the “III”mmm nnnoootttt ttttooouuuccchhhiiiinnnggg yyyyoooouuuu” with the finger right in front of my face, type of picking. I’m kind of nervous for John to get a girlfriend. I’m not sure what they’ll think about how we pick at each other. Bret just ignores it. lol. It’s not all sunshines. We fight too. Did I mention the picking? He likes to say things just to make me mad. And he’s good at it. But I love him. And so does EVERY ONE who meets him. Here’s our lovable John…

* Now, I promise I have lots of sessions to blog. Sometimes it’s hard to pick which ones to blog, edit them and blog them. I have like 5…so get ready this week for a blog marathon 🙂

Peace and much much love,


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Let’s make family photo sessions a little bit easier. Just a small portion of the Lifestyle Session Guide all of my family’s receive.


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Let’s make family photo sessions a little bit easier. Just a small portion of the Lifestyle Session Guide all of my family’s receive.

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