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Baby Blues | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer}

October 14, 2010

Hi, I'm cilla!
I am a loved, incredibly imperfect, storyteller of life, love, and joy. Photographer to some of the most genuine and beauty-filled people in KY.
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I can’t say a thing before I show you this….

I gasped. I immediately showed momma. It was completely on accident, I didn’t even set the exposure,  and it’s my favorite.

Seriously, I just KNEW this was going to be a fabulous session. A baby girl that’s at one of my favorite ages and is absolutely happy happy happy. Oh and did I mention two laid back parents. Or maybe I knew I would love them because they are friends with some of my favorite clients 🙂 Either way, I was certainly not disappointed. Everything was perfect, refreshing, and happy.

Love the dress in the image below? That was made by my ever so talented friend/client at A La Modish. She now  has her own line of clothing (YAY! Which I am yet to have blogged about!) and Miss W got one of her very last custom made dresses! A La Modish will be coming to a boutique near you 🙂

I’m not only in love with this family, but also their home…and especially W’s room. It’s the second nursery that I’ve seen in pink and blue and have fallen in love with. I’ve decided that if Bret and I are ever blessed with a baby, and that baby is a girl, her room will be pink and blue (nope…Bret doesn’t get a choice). Oh and MUST have an adorabe crib like the one in the pics below. And hopefully said baby will be as happy and sweet as W!

Now my second favorite image. I like to pretend that she’s cracking up at me and pointing thinking “YOU’RE hilarious!” Although, I’m pretty sure momma was behind me being silly, but we’ll just pretend that I’m THAT funny.

Peace and much much love,


  1. Jennifer says:

    So, I cried when I saw that first image. Yep. Cried. I’m officially that mom. Can you imagine what a mess I will be when you photograph her wedding and I see those images?!? Seriously though. You captured her and I love it. Thank you, thank you. We had such a good time at the session and appreciate your patience and kindness (especially when our dogs joined in the fun…). I can’t wait to see the rest of the images.

  2. Tatum says:

    She is such a beautiful and sweet baby! These pictures are gorgeous and so fun! They capture her perfectly!

  3. Chanda Fowler says:

    I love, love, love the Super Baby pose!!

  4. Jessica case says:

    Wells is beautiful and these pics are all amazing!

  5. Kayla says:

    Sweet Sweet Wells!! I love the one in her room sitting in front of her bed!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Look at those beautiful blue eyes!!! So cute!

  7. Audra Davidson says:

    These are amazing! What a beautiful baby girl:) I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  8. Melissa Mullins says:

    Wow Wells is beautiful and these pictures are amazing!!

  9. Cassidy says:

    These pictures are beautiful! I love the first one–those blue eyes!

  10. Donna Kane says:

    Miss W is absolutely gorgeous and quite photogenic!! You and Trey are very lucky parents. Enjoy!!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Too Cute!! Love those blue eyes!

  12. Jessica Carter says:

    What a beautiful baby!

  13. Jane Bright (Mimi) says:

    WOW!!! It is amazing how you captured her personality–Love that baby girl!

  14. GRAND DADDY BILL says:

    Looks just like me. Lots of happy days ahead.

  15. Kandace says:

    Cute, cute, cute!

  16. Holly White says:

    These are WONDERFUL!!! I love them all but the 1st one is PRICELESS! When you have a beautiful client–it helps :)GREAT all the way around!

  17. Brooke Fell says:

    I love all of them, but the last one is my favorite! She is a doll!

  18. Trey Moore says:

    She’s gonna have to get over looking like her grandad.

  19. Sally says:

    She is so stinkin’ cute! Personality plus and looks to boot. Precious pics. Trey will be warding off the boys starting in Kindergarten 🙂

  20. Aunt Dana says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these precious pictures of my sweet niece… she is beautiful anyway but these pictures definitely capture her! Great job with a great model 🙂

  21. Jess says:

    This baby is so precious, love all of these pics!

  22. Sabrina says:

    Absolutely the cutest!!! Such a sweet happy baby!!!

  23. kristy yowell says:

    Adorable! Love Wells’ beautiful blue eyes! Such a sweetheart!

  24. Barb says:

    what a cutie! love these pictures!

  25. Helena says:

    Wow! She is so incredibly beautiful and these pictures definitely demonstrate her spark! Great job – these images will be fabulous for you to share for the rest of her life!

  26. Heather Hardy says:

    Good gracious! Those beautiful blues were captured perfectly! These photo’s capture so many of her sweet faces and mannerisms! I love them!

  27. C Graves says:

    Wells is toooooo cute! love her dress!

  28. Leila O'Carra says:

    The pictures are beautiful. She is such a sweet baby.

  29. Mason says:

    Absolutely beautiful . . .of course. We love her and the pics!!

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Let’s make family photo sessions a little bit easier. Just a small portion of the Lifestyle Session Guide all of my family’s receive.

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